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The Magnificents met at Edinburgh Art College around the turn of the century. They were formed as a birthday present for a girlfriend and played a one off set of Northern Soul songs for their debut gig. People danced.

Deciding this could be the least degrading post art college career choice they carried on. Forgetting to write any songs the second gig was 20 minutes of disturbing noise and feedback involving gas masks and wheelchairs and eh, head shaving. People cried.

From Wigan to Throbbing Gristle in one easy step.


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Single Reviews
28 June 2004
Last Gasp of Revenge
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Top 10 Tracks
1. Up on the Mountain
2. Get It Boy
3. ring ring oo oo
4. Kids Now
5. My Heart Is Calling You
6. Last Gasp of Revenge
7. On Main Street
8. Up on a Mountain
9. How Longs Gone
10. Year Of Explorers

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