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The Loves started in 2000 & since then have had over 30 members come & go through their ranks. Their first release was the 2001 Boobytrap Singles Club double A side “Little Girl Blues” & “She’ll Break Your Heart”. It was highly praised & reached the Indie Top 20. Number 13 with a bullet. Their next few releases (2 singles, an EP & their 1st album “Love” put out between September 2001 & April 2004) were on the highly acclaimed London indie label, Track & Field.

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Top 10 Tracks
1. X's and O's
2. Xs And Os
3. You Don't Have To
4. Kaleidoscope (In My Head)
5. She'll Break Your Heart
6. One-Two-Three
7. Ode To Coca-Cola
8. Love Song #7
9. Sweet sister Delia
10. Honey

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