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A Brief History

Lord Numb started his musical journey at the age of 13 in his first band 'The Rotting Corpse'.

He chopped his first bass up with a fire axe live on stage in his school hall. His headmaster was not exactly chuffed.

Jump forward a few years of playing in bands, in dives, breaking up, playing in bands, in dives, breaking up...

Lord Numb sells his guitar and buys a turntable, he teams up with his old mate and Bon Vivant 'Spidersleg' and the DJ partnership known as 'The Reject Club' is born.


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Top 10 Tracks
1. Eileen
2. I Dream Of Bowie
3. Stackridge
4. A question mark for a face
5. A song for the numb
6. Webcore, webcore
7. Boo
8. I'm An Alligator
9. make a joyful noise unto the lord
10. Little One

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