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Lord Auch formed in London in October 2007. The 3 piece consisted of Si McCabe (vox), Liam Wade. (guitar) and Danny Prescott (drums). Si and Danny formerly of Black Wire and Liam of Courtney Love played their first live show at Bardens Boudoir East London on the 7th December 2007. At the first show they were picked up by indie label Young And Lost Club Records for a single release in May 2008. The band also embarked on the sold out Young and Lost Club U.

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Top 10 Tracks
1. The Dig Inn
2. Grass Fingers
3. Lettre De Cachet
4. Mareado
5. old men in love
6. Grassfingers
7. To The Shithouse
8. ...To The Shithouse
9. Maredo
10. Will o' the Wisp

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