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Boy hears girl singing while cookin in a cafe, boy and girl form band and name it "The Loose Salute" they lassoo their friends into joining and playing a plethora of instruments to create the sound you hear here. The Salute released a one off limited edtion EP for Best Before Records in late 2004 called "Suck It Up Buttercup". Since then the band have been hibernating in the studio with hot-shot engineer Gareth Parton (The Beta Band, The Go Team, The Pipettes, Mojave3) and producer Pritpal Soor creating their opus.

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12 October 2008
Getting To Know #6 - The Loose Salute
5 September 2008
The Loose Salute Ponder Over Previous Battles
23 July 2008
A Heavenly Festival
Album Reviews
2 June 2008
Tuned to Love
Single Reviews
13 October 2008
Why’d We Fight
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Top 10 Tracks
1. Turn The Radio Up
2. The Mutineer
3. The End
4. Photographs And Tickets
5. Death Club
6. Ballad Of The Dumb Angel
7. Tuned To Love
8. Ship On The Ocean
9. From Head To Sandy Toes
10. Deathclub

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