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Little Man Tate were a four-piece indie band from Sheffield, England who formed in 2005 and split in 2009. Like many other up and coming bands such as The Law, The View and The Lions, they made extensive use of MySpace as well as their own forum to communicate with and co-ordinate fans. The band quickly began attracting interest from several record labels and in March 2006 signed to V2 Records, later parting ways in November 2007.

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22 August 2006
Call Us - We Won't Call You!
24 November 2008
Jon Windle Not 'Little Man Hate'
13 June 2008
Last Call For T in the Park Tickets!
26 March 2007
Singles Roundup
13 March 2007
More Dross for T in the Park
22 January 2007
Singles Roundup
28 July 2006
Little Man Tate Single Legend to Come True
Single Reviews
13 November 2006
Man I Hate Your Band
21 August 2006
House Party at Boothy's
Live Reviews
16 October 2007
The Twang / Little Man Tate / Look See Proof
1 September 2006
Little Man Tate
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Top 10 Tracks
1. Sexy In Latin
2. This Must Be Love
3. Man I Hate Your Band
4. European Lover
5. House Party At Boothy's
6. 3 Day Rule
7. Court Report
8. Little Big Man
9. Down On Marie
10. This Girl Isn't My Girlfriend

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