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Liquid Liquid was a New York City band that was active from 1980 to 1983. Their music was essentially groove-based, influenced by funk, dub, and punk. Liquid Liquid's music did not easily fit into a genre, but it is often labeled post-punk or post-disco or no-wave. Arguments can be made for each genre (e.g., people who see Liquid Liquid as a no-wave band, often cite that Liquid Liquid did not follow standard song form...

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4 September 2008
Punk Funk Legends To Play in London In October
9 May 2008
A Free Four Tet Mix With Bells On!
8 April 2008
Domino To Release Liquid Liquid Classics
Single Reviews
6 October 2008
Optimo (Remixes)
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Top 10 Tracks
1. Optimo
2. Cavern
3. Lock Groove (Out)
4. Scraper
5. Groupmegroup
6. Lock Groove (In)
7. Out
8. Push
9. Zero leg
10. Eyes Sharp

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