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There are four artists with this name: 1) A London, UK post-punk band formed in 1978 by Rico Conning, Jo Forty, Nick Cash and Mick Linehan. Their song "White Night" was covered by Brix Smith's Adult Net. They released the Ultramarine album in 1983 (notable for its last track being the first track played backwards)

Between 1978 and 1983, The Lines released 5 singles, 1 EP and 2 LPs to mixed reviews and little sales.


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Album Reviews
8 December 2008
Flood Bank
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Top 10 Tracks
1. stripe
2. Come Home
3. Nerve Pylon
4. blow a kiss
5. White Night
6. Instincticide
7. Tunnel Party
8. Ursa Major
9. have a heart
10. The Landing

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