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Sandwiched between Brighton & Hastings, the seaside town of Eastbourne is the unlikely outpost and home to future alt-rock heroes, The Late Greats. In equal parts intelligent, intense, chaotic and fragile, the four piece have quietly bided their time over the last 12 months, writing their debut album (in between epic bouts of table tennis) thus honing the sound of The Late Greats. Life Without Balloons is a record indebted to the bandís love of lo-fi US indie/alt-rock (Sonic Youth, Pixies, Pavement) but stamped with a truly provincial, English delivery glittering with melodic gold.

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Single Reviews
18 May 2009
Destroy My Brain
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Top 10 Tracks
1. Sleigh Ride
2. He's Not It
3. destroy my brain
4. Futures Gold
5. Gareth
6. The City Swallowed You Whole
7. Kitty
8. Quick Fix
9. Surrender
10. Let It Happen

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