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La Roc - real name Lee Potter - was 15 when he'd already got into bunking off school in Brighton to doss around with the local b-boys, began to memorise their breakdancing moves and intricate scratch tricks.

In about 1989, and acid house came along..." And Lee was seduced all over again. Which all casts a little light on the mixed up musical mind of Cut La Roc. And why his debut album 'La Roc Rocs' for Skint hoovers up everything from deft rap cut-ups to camped up jump-up jungle. Or Mills-esque techno pressure.


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Top 10 Tracks
1. New York Pimp
2. Post Punk Progression
3. La Roc Rocs
4. Freeze
5. Bassheads
6. Freak Some More
7. Makin' It Hot
8. Halloween
9. Hip Hop Bibbedy Remix Bop
10. Hip Hop Bibbedy Bop Bop

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