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Cud were a British indie rock band formed in Leeds, England in 1987, consisting of vocalist Carl Puttnam (born Ilford, Essex), guitarist/keyboardist Mike Dunphy (b. Northumberland), bassist William Potter (b. Derby), and drummer Steve Goodwin (b. Croydon, Surrey). Though an indie rock band, their music incorporated elements of funk. They were critically acclaimed throughout their career, but never broke through to a mainstream UK record-buying audience. Perhaps this was in part due to their eccentric lyrical concerns, which occasionally led to their dismissal as somewhat of a "joke" band.

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26 June 2006
Cud Reform fror Short English Tour
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Top 10 Tracks
1. Rich And Strange
2. Only (A Prawn In Whitby)
3. Purple Love Balloon
4. I've Had It With Blondes
5. Lola
6. Spanish Love Song
7. Robinson Crusoe
8. Through The Roof
9. Vocally Speaking
10. Oh No Won't Do

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