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"They are kings of romance (an important part of the New Pop brewing around the UK)... There is something almost subversive about their odd mix of influences (The Smiths/í60s girl groups/í50s rock and roll)... Itís the romance of the Seine, of walking in the Peaks; or lying on your back reading and daydreaming." Steve Lamacq "they're harnessing the grace and guts of old-time swing and woozy Barbershop harmonies - packaging it up as the latest indie-disco bread'n'butter" NME

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Single Reviews
14 September 2009
A Collier's Wife / By The Seine
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Top 10 Tracks
1. Backstreet Lovers
2. Chorus of Fools
3. By The Seine
4. A Colliers Wife
5. Chorus of Fools - LIVE ON BBC RADIO 1
6. A Collier's Wife
7. Chorus of Fools - Mastered
8. Bloodshot Days
9. Somewhere Over The Bus Stop
10. Two Drifters

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