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Cold Cave is an experimental synthpop musical group that formed in Philadelphia and is now based in Manhattan. According to Pitchfork Media the band's sound "weaves incomprehensibly distorted vocals with bits of synthetic feedback", but some songs "also come bearing serious hooks." Cold Cave was founded by Wesley Eisold, former vocalist of several hardcore groups including Some Girls, American Nightmare, XO Skeletons, and Give Up the Ghost, and also the founder of publisher Heartworm Press. The group represents his first venture into instrumentation.

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Top 10 Tracks
1. life magazine
2. Love Comes Close
3. the laurels of erotomania
4. Cebe And Me
5. The Trees Grew Emotions And Died
6. Heaven Was Full
7. Youth and Lust
8. Hello Rats
9. I.C.D.K.
10. I.C.D.K

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