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Ciccone Youth is an experimental band which was formed in 1986. It is a side project of Sonic Youth members Steve Shelley, Kim Gordon, Lee Ranaldo, and Thurston Moore, with the Minutemen/fIREHOSE member Mike Watt. The band never played live, but released two records. The first was released on New Alliance Records in 1986, and consisted of three tracks: "Into The Groove(y)" (a cover of Madonna's hit Into the Groove...

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8 April 2009
Top Acts Come Together to Celebrate Krautrock Legends
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Top 10 Tracks
1. Into the Groovey
2. (Silence)
3. Addicted To Love
4. Macbeth
5. G-Force
6. Platoon II
7. Tuff Titty Rap
8. Making The Nature Scene
9. Hi! Everybody
10. Moby-Dik

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