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For a while, the Chesterfields' charming, jolly guitar pop, was very much in vogue. They were formed in Yeovil, Somerset, England, in the summer of 1984, by David Goldsworthy (guitar/vocals), Simon Barber (bass/vocals) and Dominic Manns (drums). In 1985 they were joined by guitarist Brendan Holden. They contributed 'Nose Out Of Joint' alongside a track from Scotland's Shop Assistants, whom they joined at Bristol's Subway Organisation Records in time for the EP A Guitar In Your Bath ( 1986), four slices of f rothy guitar pop.

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Top 10 Tracks
1. Ask Johnny Dee
2. Love Mountain
3. Shame About the Rain
4. Completely & Utterly
5. Best of Friends
6. Two Girls and a Treehouse
7. Sob Sob Story
8. Completely and Utterly
9. Lunchtime For The Wild Youth
10. Everything a Boy Could Ever Need

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