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You live in France

You mess around in lab coats with your friends and talk about how great the Melvins and Dinosaur Jr. are.

You record songs with your friends.

You move to London.

You start a band. A real band.

You have different drummers and bass players.

You have a steady line-up.

You record a demo.

You play gigs.

You record an album.

You tour.

You write more songs and hope they are better than the old ones.

You plan to tour again and record a second album.


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Top 10 Tracks
1. Carry The Flame
2. Alright
3. Penis Butter
4. Clinging to Human Frailties
5. Running Through Flames
6. The Search
7. Kill The Touts
8. Maybe if it Wasn't Pink
9. Too Late
10. There Are A Few Things That I Don't Give A Shit About

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