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The Norwegian band Casiokids is not just an electronic act, but also include a shadow puppet group. The instrumentation includes cassette-recorder, cello, melodica, guitar, congas and of course lots of electronic quarks,quirks & whatæs. The band only started playing one year ago, but has already played several renowned festivals in Norway, including Ekko (http://www.ekkofest.no/), NuMusic (http://www.numusic.no/), Vossajazz (http://www.vossajazz.no/), Festspillene (http://www.fib.no) and By:larm (http://www.

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Single Reviews
3 August 2009
Finn Bikkjen! / Gomur Mamma
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Top 10 Tracks
1. Fot i hose
2. Finn Bikkjen
3. Finn Bikkjen!
4. Il Fait Beau
5. Bagamoyo
6. Togens Hule
7. Tante Gerd
8. Gomurmamma
9. En vill hest
10. Grønt lys i alle ledd

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