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Fuelled by chaos, sweets & tea, and a collective love for 2-minute, hit n run punk-pop songs CPA are the perfect antidote to boring, overproduced, 3-songs-per-half-hour indie -schmindie bands, tackling such subjects as screwed-up relationships (and what to do about them!), bad moods, loneliness, and the horrors of commuting, yet we still sound & look so cute & loveable? Expect the unexpected.

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Single Reviews
26 November 2007
Fruit is Nature's Candy EP
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Top 10 Tracks
1. What's He Got
2. Operator
3. I Didn't Do It
4. What's He Got That I Haven't?
5. Spending Time With You
6. On The Dole At Christmas
7. Lonely Life at Sea
8. Heartbreaker
9. Departure
10. Christmas on the Dole

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