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Welcome to the world of the Candle Thieves - a very wonderful, weird and whimsical place. Deep thinkers can lose themselves here in gentle, poppy pleasures, and enjoy soft-hearted sentiments with sinister undertows. The band that made this world together is the brainchild of two serious songwriters, who wear big, thick-framed glasses, walk out onto the stage to the sound of the Jaws theme tune, set off bubble machines, and play glockenspiels, toy pianos, shakers and snares.

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Single Reviews
5 October 2009
The Sunshine EP
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Top 10 Tracks
1. The Sunshine Song
2. My Love Will Clap Its Hands For You
3. Lonely Lonely Lonely
4. Sharks And Bears (feat. Scott McEwan)
5. The State That I'm In
6. Sharks & Bears
7. Pull Back The Moon
8. Sharks And Bears
9. We're All Gonna Die (Have Fun)
10. Gonna Die (Diamond Cut Slow Jam Mix)

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