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Bordeaux and Brighton based DJ/Producer Thomas Gandey has an exciting year ahead. Usually known for his songs and his trademark poppy tech-disco sound in his Cagedbaby guise, he has been holed up in his studio in the South of France working on a raft of new material that is more akin to the sound that packed dance-floors have been moving to during his DJ sets over recent months. Pushing technological boundaries whilst never losing sight of keeping his audience entertained...

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12 January 2007
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Top 10 Tracks
1. Hello There
2. Forced (Foamo remix)
3. Hello There (The Presets Remix)
4. Against the Wall
5. Disco Biscuit
6. 16 Lovers
7. Hello There (presets Remix)
8. Little Man
9. Never See More
10. Amplified Heart

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