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The Bronx are an American band from Southern California who began playing punk rock in 2002. Their original goal was to bring passionate, blood-and-sweat punk rock into the 21st Century. Their first self-titled album was released in 2003 on White Drugs. For their second self-title the band signed with Island Records and went on to play music with a hard rock influence that still retained their original punk stylings.

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Album Reviews
26 January 2009
The Bronx
Single Reviews
2 March 2009
Young Bloods
19 January 2009
Young Bloods
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Top 10 Tracks
1. Heart Attack American
2. Shitty Future
3. History's Stranglers
4. Around The Horn
5. Notice of Eviction
6. Knifeman
7. Oceans Of Class
8. False Alarm
9. Past Lives
10. Small Stone

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