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More Twee than Mickey Mouse in soft focus, and more core than an apple convention - the inventors of tweecore are The Bobby McGee's. Usually seen swanning around in makeup and clown garb, they sing songs about Jar Jar Binks, and not listening to the Smiths on your own.

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18 December 2007
Culturedeluxemix #4 : A Culturedeluxe Christmas
20 March 2008
Wedding Present for Indietracks 2008
1 February 2007
Finally...Here's the Festive Fifty!
Album Reviews
8 December 2008
A Very Cherry Christmas 4
3 December 2007
A Very Cherry Christmas 3
Single Reviews
25 May 2009
L.O.V.E. / Go Tiger, Go
26 November 2007
S'Amuser Com des Fous EP
17 July 2006
...Yes Please EP
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Top 10 Tracks
1. We Never Sleep
2. When Father Died, Ferrets Licked Away the Tears
3. Ivor Cutler Is Dead
4. Kafkaesque / Kafkan
5. Morrissey Said To Tori
6. A Masonic Youth
7. Kabhi Khushi, Khabie Gham
8. Tractatus Logico-Musica
9. Teaching the Obvious 2 the Idiots
10. Goodbye Blue Monday

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