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The Black Lips are a self-described "flower punk" band from Atlanta, Georgia. While still teenagers, they formed in 2000 after guitarist Cole Alexander and bassist Jared Swilley left the Renegades, and guitarist Ben Eberbaugh left the Reruns. Drummer Joe Bradley joined a few months later. They released their first 7" in late 2001/early 2002 on their own Die Slaughterhaus label. Just days before a tour was to begin in December 2002, Ben Eberbaugh was driving a car that was struck by a drunk driver going the wrong way on a highway.

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26 January 2009
Black Lips Prepare Second Album With New Tour
25 February 2008
Something Old Something New From Black Lips
14 January 2008
New Black Lips EP and Tour
27 November 2007
Stars Line Up To Duet With Fucked Up
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16 March 2009
200 Million Thousand
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24 August 2009
18 May 2009
Iíll Be With You
12 May 2008
Bad Kids / Leroy Faster
3 December 2007
Veni Vidi Vici
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Top 10 Tracks
1. Bad Kids
2. Veni Vidi Vici
3. Cold Hands
4. Drugs
5. Short Fuse
6. Navajo
7. Starting Over
8. Take My Heart
9. Lock And Key
10. O Katrina!

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