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William Ernest Drummond (Bill Drummond) (born April 29, 1953, Butterworth, South Africa) is a Scottish musician, music industry figure, writer and artist. He is best known as co-founder of The KLF, the avant-garde "pop group" of the late eighties, the K Foundation, its nineties "avant-art" media-manipulating successor, and for burning a million pounds in 1994. He has also written several books, produced a variety of different conceptual art projects and helped to set-up The Foundry, a thriving arts centre set under the aegis of a public house in Shoreditch, London.

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10 May 2006
When Bill Drummond Was 'The Man'
16 September 2008
Bill Drummond to Make London Bookstore Appearance
20 November 2007
BBC Radio Scotland Gets Behind 'No Music Day'
5 September 2007
Lighthouse Tribute for John Lennon
15 June 2007
Hannibal Smokes, but Walt Disney
1 May 2007
Bill Drummond to Perform at Meltdown
1 November 2006
No Music Day Returns
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