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Bell X1 is an irish band which hails from Co. Kildare. The band members are Paul Noonan (vocals) who also plays guitar, percussion and kazoo. Paul plays drums on all of Bell X1's studio recordings. He has also been known to occasionally play drums live if a session drummer is not available. David Geraghty plays lead guitar, banjo, (electric) piano and does backing vocals and sometimes lead vocals. Dominic Philips plays bass guitar and does backing vocals. Until his departure in 2008 Brian Crosby played guitar, keyboards and did backing vocals.

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24 March 2006
Bell X1 Interview
21 April 2009
Get Down on the Farm this Summer
Live Reviews
16 June 2006
Bell X1 / Kharma 45
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Top 10 Tracks
1. Eve, The Apple Of My Eye
2. The Great Defector
3. Rocky Took A Lover
4. Flame
5. In Every Sunflower
6. Bad Skin Day
7. Next To You
8. The Ribs of a Broken Umbrella
9. How Your Heart Is Wired
10. Reacharound

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